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                                  What Bismarck Health Center Is About

  • We are dedicated to delivering exceptional, affordable and convenient health care at lower costs than other healthcare providers and facilities.

  • Our mission is to provide transparency with your health care costs, support your right to know your treatment options, assist you regarding your decisions and ensure health insurance doesn’t determine your health care. We believe you cannot make an informed decision without knowing the cost.​

  • We accept only CASH payments payable at the time of service.  

    • By paying at the time of your visit, we save significant time and expense mailing and applying payments, billing insurance, following up on denied charges, and the expense of billing and coding staff. We pass these savings on to you with reduced rates.

    • Our fees are based on uninsured patients.  If you want to submit your visit to private insurance, we will provide you with the information you need to try to get reimbursed. However, there is a 50% additional charge- remember, our rates are based on uninsured patients, not those who are insured. 

    • We will provide you with the expenses associated with your visit BEFORE you are seen so you can make an informed decision, unlike other clinics that send you a surprise bill weeks later.

    • If a procedure or diagnostic test is indicated that we cannot perform on site, you will be informed to help you make a good decision.

  • At this time we cannot see patients who have Medicare insurance.​

  • At this time, we can only see patients 18 years or older

Doctor's Visit

Same-day appointments, to meet your needs. 

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